Cantan Group is a software development and design firm that I co-own. I created both the logo and illustrations and wanted them to be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

The idea was to create a logo that conveyed a group aesthetic that would represent the different facets of the company working together. Using different colours allowed for a variety of colours for which to pull from for branding in the website as well as proposals. 

The logo lends itself to simple and fun aesthetic changes which make it easy to use in different contexts such as social media and Christmas cards.

The concept behind the landing page was to reflect the cloud-based era of computing that we are in, as well as emphasize the different facets of the business. The firm is a leader in WordPress development, and does extensive work in app development, web security, and design.

This theme is also meant to extend to other pages on the site, by using the cloud illustrations or simply changing the symbols on the balloons. The colours were meant to match with the brand colours used in the logo which creates harmony between the two elements. These illustrations have also been incorporated nicely into reports, proposals and other print media.